Travel Info

Please read the following information carefully to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.


Expect excess baggage charges due to different weight restrictions between domestic and international airlines. On average, domestic passengers are allowed to check-in up to 20kg (44 lbs) of luggage. Pack lightly and use soft bags when possible for easier storage during the liveaboard.


Travelers arriving into Indonesia must have a minimum of a 6-month validity left on their passports. Citizens of most countries can obtain visa-on-arrival at their first point-of-entry in Indonesia (USD 25 for 30 days, extendable for another 30 days).  Certain nationalities, however, are required to obtain a visa from the Indonesian Embassy in their home countries before travel to Indonesia.


Any type of fishing and spear fishing will not be allowed on board the Pearl of Papua and is strictly prohibited around Raja Ampat marine protected areas.


Guests must present their Diver Certification Card to the Cruise Director on the first day of the trip. Participants may be asked to provide proof of experience (dive logbook) at the discretion of our Diving Safety Officer prior to joining our liveaboard excursions. All participants are expected use common sense sensitivity when dealing with marine life. The Pearl of Papua is entitled to warn and expel any participant should risks to the environment are posed by that person.


Consult your physician for necessary vaccinations prior to your travel to Indonesia. Malaria risk is present in some parts of the country, particularly In Papua. Take precautions with malaria prophylactics (malarone and doxicycline are recommended), but avoid the use of Lariam due to its side-effects and ineffectiveness in the region. Booster injections for intestinal diseases, Hepatitis A and B are also highly recommended.


Due to the remoteness of Raja Ampat, we strongly advise our guests to take good travel insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation, baggage loss/damage, and cancellation policy. A valid dive accident insurance (such as DAN) must be carried by divers on our liveaboard.