KLM Pearl of Papua

We take pride in putting the outmost safety procedure in our diving excursion. Since we operate in 2010, we have zero fatal accidents. We achieve that also with the help of your role in being responsible divers.  You are not allowed to dive when you consume alcohol. You may enjoy kicking up your slippers and relaxing with cold beers, but only after you finished all your diving activities on that day. 

Only dive within your limit, skill, and experience. There are many ways to enter the same dive spot based on your skill and how comfortable you are in the water. We will have a check dive at the beginning of our excursion. For the first check dive, wee choose an easy dive spot with no current so we can observe and see how comfortable you are underwater. It also useful for pairing buddy-system and planning the dive. We have  experience dive master acting as your dive guide, with ratio between dive guide and guest are 1 guide for 5 guests.

An emergency action plan places and known by the crew to anticipate the unfortunate incident when it happens. We train our crew to be ready should the incident occur. Raja Ampat and Cendrawasih are remote areas, with the closest hyperbaric chamber and hospital can be 8-12 hrs minimum from the dive spot. Please dive responsibly. 


Our safety and emergency facilities as follow:
  • Emergency Oxygen
    10x 50L available on Pearl of Papua dive deck at maximum capacity. Minimum of one 50L on standby for an emergency should be given at 10 LPM to start and changed depending on the patients breathing rates
    *AT 15LPM one tank of oxygen should last around 10 hours   
  • Emergency First Aid Box’s Available in cruise director’s office
  • Large box for trauma
  • Smaller box for medications
  • Life Jackets located on dive deck under the bell
  • Life rafts located on the roof. To release for automatic deployment the safety rope needs to be undone
  • Emergency Bacon located on the bridge 
  • Binoculars located on the bridge
Safety support features :
  • 2 life rafts (max. 15 pax. In one raf and 10 pax at another)
  • 3 x 40 HP motorized tender dinghies
  • VHF & SSB radio
  • Koden KGP 91 global positioning system (GPS)
  • Furuno radar
  • Depth sounder
  • Furuno fish finder
  • Byru satellite telephone
  • Emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB)
  • Comprehensive medic first aid box
  • Oxygen on board
  • 40+ Life jackets on board
  • Fire extinguishers throughout the boat
  • Customer diving insurance is not provided
  • The boat holds Safety Management certification